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RDX EPK 2019


From the moment RDX exploded on the scene with              

their chart topping single “Dance” in 2007, they

haven’t looked back. The energetic musical duo

has grown to become one of the most recognizable

acts in reggae/dancehall with their colourful

mohawks as trademark and a string of hits under

their belt including songs like “Bend Over”, “Jump”

and “Kotch”.

Vocalist Delomar (born Andre Bedward) and DJ/MC

Renigade (born Carlton Williams) have been friends

since their childhood days and both shared a

similar vision, style, professionalism and work ethic,

so it didn’t take long before the two merged their talents to become RDX, Reggae, Dancehall and

something eXtra. They both grew up in the Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica, a tough inner city

community known for its hardship and poverty but also for its rich musical heritage. The same area

brought the world musical legends like dub innovator King Tubby’s, hit producer King Jammy,

international reggae groups Black Uhuru and the Wailing Souls and international reggae vocalists Half

Pint and Junior Reid, so RDX is amongst good company.

After over a decade of being in the spotlight, RDX has etched their name as one of the premiere standard

bearers of quality music emerging from Jamaica and is widely regarded as positive ambassadors of the

popular dancehall culture. The unique sound of RDX is a blend of vocals evoking the nostalgia of 90s

dancehall, flavoured with edgy lyrics, flows and themes relevant to the pulse of today, all served up with

the colour and warmth of the Caribbean. With the creative lyrical prowess of Renigade and the infectious

melodies of Delomar, an expanding fan base worldwide and millions of views on YouTube, coupled with

thumping tracks and a forward thinking support team, RDX is poised for even greater things for the

another ten years. In recent years RDX has also collaborated with acts and producers from outside the

reggae dancehall industry, including Major Lazer and Sak Noel.

In autumn 2017 RDX has released their full-length studio album titled “Level Up”, which marks their tenth

successful year in the business and showcases the duo’s sound evolution. The lead single “Shake Your

Bam Bam” has been creating waves globally and the song’s official video has racked up over 22 million

views on YouTube and spent 26 weeks on the top of distributor 21st Hapilos Digital sales charts.

Through their Apt.19 Music and Shella Posse labels, the duo has also produced popular riddim projects

such as the successful Shellaz and Hot Foot Riddims that feature the newest and hottest artistes in

reggae and dancehall music.


The dynamic duo has successfully toured the United States, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Japan,

Africa and Central America. RDX has also visited places that rarely see dancehall artistes being booked

to perform, like Mauritius, Reunion Island and Seychelles

Islands. In 2016 they completed a 14 stop college tour in

the United States and a six week European tour.


- “Favourite Group Of The Year” at the 2010 Youth View

Awards in Jamaica

- “Favourite Music Video Of The Year” for the song “Jump” at the 2012 Youth View Awards in Jamaica

- “2013 Top Single Of The Year” Award for the song “Jump” at the 21st Hapilos Digital Awards in Jamaica

- “2015 Top Single Of The Year” Award for the song “Kotch” at the 21st Hapilos Digital Awards in Jamaica

- “2016 Top Single Of The Year” Award for the song “Ride It” at the 21st Hapilos Digital Awards in


- Nomination for “Summer Song Of The Year” for the song “LOL” at the 2017 Youth View Awards in



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