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Ras Mc Bean and Soulcraft bio:


Serbian roots rock reggae ban Soulcraft, formed in 2013, is consisted of experienced reggae musicians who are present on the Belgrade music scene more than two decades and have been significantly contributing in maintaining and promoting of reggae sound. Soulcraft is a band inspired by the roots reggae sound of the seventies and the eighties of the last century, as well as by the music and messages of reggae performers such as Burning Spear, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse, Misty in Roots, and others. 

Since its formation, Soulcraft has been collaborating with a renowned reggae trombonist and singer from Serbia, Hornsman Coyote. They recorded two albums together: “Hornsman Coyote and Soulcraft”, released in February 2014 by “Ammonite Records” and “Safe Planet”, released in March 2016 as a joint release by “Ammonite Records” from Serbia and “PDV” from Croatia. 

With two albums released in two years, Soulcraft became one of the most productive reggae bands in former Yugoslavia region. The album “Safe Planet” was met with excellent reviews by music critics in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Regional musical portals have declared it as one of the best reggae albums published across former Yugoslavia region, emphasizing the international quality that Soulcraft possesses. European reggae scene has also recognized the quality of the “Safe Planet” album, granting it significant space in various reviews in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Romania. During the following two years, good reviews of both albums have led to numerous performances on festivals throughout the region and across Europe, such as Eurosonic (The Netherlands), Exit (Serbia), Sziget (Hungary), Seasplash (Croatia), Irie Vibes Roots Festival (Belgium), Sea Dance (Montenegro). By the end of 2016 festival season, Soulcraft ends the collaboration with Hornsman Coyote. 

In May 2017, Ras Mc Bean has accepted the invitation to collaborate on a new album with Soulcraft. Ras Mc Bean is a reggae singer born in Georgetown, Guyana, and is currently living and working in Paris. His album from 2004, “Pack Up and Leave”, got the recognition as one of the best European reggae releases of the year. The majority of the music on “Pack Up and Leave” was written by Jamaicans Mafia & Fluxy, and it was produced by Irie Ities Records. On a compilation album “Kingston Love”, Ras Mc Bean appeared alongside big reggae stars such as Sizzla, Turbulence, Dennis Brown, Luciano. He has collaborated with famous English producers such as Disciples, Bush Chemists, Jonah Dan. During 2005, he continued to collaborate with Irie Ites Records and, together with big reggae stars Morgan Heritage, he recorded a single titled “Lion is King”, which was very successful all around the world. After a longer break, in 2014 he released his second album “Inlightment”, recorded with Austrian reggae production “Fireman Crew”, announced by the single “Rise Up and Fight”. 

In December 2017, Ras Mc Bean and Soulcraft started working together on a new studio album which will consist of 15 songs. Ras Mc Bean has began his collaboration on the album as an equal member of Soulcraft. 

Album “Reggae On A Mission” is released on May 21st 2018 for Ammonite Records. 



“The result is a masterpiece of roots reggae that you want to hear, and it shines with consistently outstanding quality. There is no dropout. Let's hope that this mission is successful worldwide and inspires other artists in their work.” – 

"Solid new roots album by an artist who earns more credit than he currently gets!" – 

“With his lyrics Ras Mc Bean confirms his versatility in turning out conscious messages without ever expiring in the obvious, while the Soulcraft validate their position as one of the best bands from Eastern Europe.” – 


“Give Thanks For Life” (Official video 2018) – Ras Mc Bean & Soulcraft 

Boots Tracks“ – Ras Mc Bean & Soulcraft (Official video 2018) 

“Rise Up And Fight” – Ras Mc Bean – “Inlightment” (Official video 2014) 

“Where Do We Go From Here” – Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft (Live 2015) 


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