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Dreadsquad bio:

Dreadsquad - Poland's staple Reggae Dancehall export

The Dreadsquad project has put Poland on the map for creating dancefloor friendly riddim and bassline madness. From the Superfly Studio in Lodz comes tune after tune combining Jamaican sounds of of Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Ska and Rocksteady with the modern sounds of Breakbeat, Jungle, Dubstep and Garage.

Dreadsquad was launched during 2001 and what followed was a flurry of mashups, remixes and Polish Sound Clash victories which gave confidence to turn a passion into a way of life for the man at the controls, Marek Bogdanski. Hundreds of gigs in Poland turned into European tours and now Dreadsquad has toured as far as the USA, Canada, Brazil & India.

Always in demand, Dreadsquad has worked with plenty of top Jamaican and European artists including Ward 21, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, U Brown, Milion Stylez, Lady Chann, Tipa Irie, Jah Mason, Perfect Giddimani, Dr Ring Ding…the list goes on.

So far Dreadsquad has released 4 mixtapes, 7 full-length producer albums and a host of vinyl and digital singles which made it into the top of the best DJ shops in Europe and into the playlists of the premier DJs of the world.

The Dreadsquad sound is a worldwide sound taking influence and inspiration from all walks of life. It is glued together by Jamaican Soundsystem culture and modern Bass music culture and is a force to be reckoned with.










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Producers albums:

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - The Riddim Machine vol.3 / Superfly Studio 2017

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - The Riddim Machine vol.2 / Superfly Studio 2017

- Dreadsquad & Blackout JA – World Destruction / Superfly Studio 2016

- Dr Ring Ding & Dreadsquad - Dig-it-all / Superfly Studio 2014

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - The Riddim Machine / Superfly Studio 2012

- Kacezet & Dreadsquad - Stara szkola / Superfly Studio 2009

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - Dread za dreadem / Wielkie Joł 2005

Singles / EP / Remixes/ Riddim albums:

- Dreadsquad & V.A. Freedom Train Riddim / Superfly Studio 2017 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - Indian Gyal Riddim / Superfly Studio 2017 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad & VA - Rolling Thunder Riddim / Superfly Studio 2017 / Digital Download

- iLLBiLLY HiTEC - Rude Boy Talk (Dreadsquad Rmx) / Echo Beach 2017

- Fat Frog feat. Ras Demo – Everyday (Dreadsquad RMX) / PurpleFade Records 2017

- Menace-live – Prove me wrong (feat. Dreadsquad) / Too Hip Records 2017

- Jstar feat. Ranking Joe – Badboy Stepping (Dreadsquad Rmx) / Jstar Records 2016

- Cian Finn - So Nice (Dreadsquad Remix) / Emerald Isle Records 2016

- Chainska Brassika - Knowledge Is King (Dreadsquad Rmx) / Chainska Brassika 2016

- Taiwan MC - Gwaan Gyal (Dreadsquad Electro Ska Rmx) / Chinese Man Records 2016

- Dreadsquad & Blackout JA – Girl like you / Superfly Studio 2016
- Dreadsquad & Blackout JA – Last tune (feat Kush Arora & Smerins Anti-Social Club) / Superfly Studio 2016

- Dreadsquad & VA - Modern Time Riddim / Superfly Studio 2015 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad feat. Kojo Neatness - Boom Sound (Remixed) / Superfly Studio 2015 / 12”

- Dreadsquad feat. Million Stylez & Richie Riott - Gimmi Di Vapor (REMIXES) / Superfly Studio 2015 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad & Koje Neatness – Boom Sound / Superfly Studio 2014 / Digital Download

- Skarra Mucci - Love Train / Rawkaz Clan 2013 / 7"

- Daddy Ranks - Old Veteran EP / Jam Vibez Sound 2013 / 12"

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - Digital Rules Riddim REMIXED / Superfly Studio 2013 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad & Everton Chambers - Better World / Scotch Bonnet 2013 / 7"

- Dreadsquad & VA - Bun Dem Riddim / Superfly Studio 2013 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - Digital Rules Riddim / Superfly Studio 2013 / Digital Download

- RDX & Dreadsquad – Warning EP / Superfly Studio 2013 / Digital Download

- Dr Ring Ding & Dreadsquad – Your Sound is done / Superfly Studio 2013 / Digital Download

- Featurecast feat. Greg Blackman - Get lovely (Dreadsquad Remix) / Jalapeno Records 2013

- Turntable Dubbers & Sebski feat Top Cat – I like your style / Dreadsquad Rmx /Nice Up 2012

- Face T – We rule the area / Dreadsquad Rmx / Dub Avenue 2012

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - MT-41 Riddim REMIXED/ Superfly Studio 2012 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad & V.A. - MT-41 Riddim / Superfly Studio 2012 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad & Natalie Storm – Beat that Chest / Superfly Studio 2011 / 12”

- Dreadsquad & V.A – Sleng Teng International Riddim / Superfly Studio 2011 / Digital Download + 2x 7"

- Dreadsquad & Kasia Malenda – Soulfly EP / Superfly Studio 2011 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad & Lady Chann – Island Lovin / Superfly Studio 2011 / 12”

- Turntable Dubbers feat Brother Culture – Get Lively / Dreadsquad Rmx / Cast-a-Blast 2011

- Dreadsquad feat Tenor Fly - Sweet Thing / Superfly Studio 2011 / 12”

- Dreadsquad - Question Riddim / Germaican Records 2011 / Digital Download

- Dreadsquad feat. Ward 21 / Lady Chann - Jump & Skip / Money ah dem God / Superfly Studio 2010 / 12"

- Dreadsquad - Screw Dem Riddim / African Beat 2010 / 4 x 7”

- Dreadsquad - Caravan Remixes / Superfly Studio 2010 / 12"

- Dreadsquad - Mash-ups - 7" bootleg / Diamond Records 2008/ 7"

- Dreadsquad & Papa Zura - PLay that blend vol.2 / PLay that blend 2007 / 12"

- Dreadsquad & Dj Twister - PLay that blend vol.1 / PLay that blend 2006 / 12"


- Dreadsquad - Is back in town / Mixtape 2007

- Dreadsquad - WySOCA Temperatura / Mixtape 2004

- Dreadsquad - Raggamafia - Mixtape 2004

- Dreadsquad - Na dobry początek - Mixtape 2003




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Now is coming part what new will BA do in future. BA become partner with Geek Picnic festival. http://geek-picnic.me/about Group of entusiastic Russians decide to make this festival with same mission as BA have with reggae, only they say: lets promote new technoligy and to show to people that wotn have chance to see in their life, not even dream to buy it and have it. They do great job last 3 years. They travel all around world and they have big succes in lasst 3 years. Check more on their site. As we have same mission we join forces. So BA will from now also book Geek Picnic all around world. 
Then last, new thing that BA will do. Last few years we are interested in hologram. Now, finally product is finlised and BA will offer this product to open minded people and to people who have ambition, like new and original things. I would love that Reggae artist release next albums with this hologram app. Their fans will have option to have hologram of their favorite artist at home and non stop with him. For artists this product should be interesting coz it can be used to release new album. Who want to buy new album of some artist they will need to download some app, order cover/cardboard, ( all oniline ), pay it online and then they can download new album of theri favourite artist at their mobile phone, then put phone in this cover that they will get and when they press play..... miracle :), Favorite artist is in front of them and ..... Now, this is up to artist what he will record. he can record greetings, or even one song, part of live show.... imagination is limit.
So BA is still into reggae and after longer pause we will work on some other projects that we think, that are worthy our time and that we can finally make something new, original, put Reggae to main stream, where it should be and....We are open for any good suggestion, any good business plan that can work ( but that is into art, originality, future, open mind...)
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