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Singer/songwriter/Producer/Actor, Alaine possesses a sweet voice, songwriting skills reflecting depths of experiences and a smile that brightens any day.

Alaine studied classical piano and began writing songs at a very early age. Her talents as a singer and actress were recognized while she was a child and secured her roles in numerous Jamaican television programs and commercials, radio jingles, and theatrical productions. By age 9 Alaine had been a Red Cross Ambassador, performed in several cabaret shows and national events, hosted a popular children's television show, and landed herself a role in the movie 'Clara's Heart' starring Whoopi Goldberg.

After graduating with an honors degree in Management and Psychology, Alaine moved to New York where she juggled working in an Investment Bank (JPMorgan) while pursuing her musical career. She sang hooks for Roc-A-Fella recording artist, Cam'Ron, in the songs, “Live My Life” (Leave Me Alone) from the album Come Home With Me (Roc-A-Fella 2002), and “Yeo” from Music Inspired by Scarface (Def Jam, 2003). After receiving two promotions at JP Morgan, she chose to resign and follow her musical dreams to Jamaica.

Since July of 2004 Alaine has worked with some of the islands top producers and collaborated with some of the most influential artistes in Reggae music including; Shaggy (For Ur Eyez Only, Good Good), Beenie Man (Dreaming of You), Buju Banton(Luv-a-Dub) and Beres Hammond(Love Sounds), churning out hit after hit, and has earned her place as one of Jamaica’s most beloved female artistes.

'No Ordinary Love' charted on several Reggae Charts from across the world including, New York, Florida, Japan, Europe, Africas and the Caribbean.

'Deeper' was featured on Kingston 5 (Sony Europe 2005) and Strictly the Best Volume 36 (VP Records 2007).

'Wine' has been featured on Strictly the Best Volume 5 (VP Records 2007) and 'The Biggest Reggae Anthems for 2006' (Greensleeves Records).

Her singles “Heavenly” and 'Jah Jah Cry' were included in the compilation for 'Biggest Reggae One Drop Anthems 2006' (Greensleeves).

'Love Sounds', her collaboration with Beres Hammond is featured on Sly and Robbie's Grammy nominated Rhythm Doubles Album (Taxi Records 2006).

Her song “Wasn’t so Bad” was featured on the 57th grammy nominated album “The Reggae Power”.

Alaine has released numerous hit singles including, 'Rise In Love' (2007), 'You are Me’ (2010), ‘Bye Bye Bye’ (2012), ‘Hello’ (2015) and’ Born to Win’ (2016), among others.

She released three studio albums, ‘Sacrifice’ (2007), ‘Luv- a Dub’ (2012) and ‘Ten of Hearts’ (2015). ‘Ten of Hearts’ was cited as one of the top ten reggae albums of 2015 on billboard.com.

She penned the hit, ‘Tight Skirt’ for Samantha J and Co-wrote the Tarrus Riley hit ‘Gimmie Likkle One Drop’

Alaine has enjoyed considerable success across East Africa, performing to sold out crowds of thousands of patrons and has collaborated with leading artists on hit songs such as ‘Nakupenda Pia’ (Wyre), and the 2017 smash hits “I Do’ (Willy Paul) and ‘Addicted’ (Eddy Kenzo),

She has toured the world thrilling audiences all over the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, South America and Japan.

Alaine, the Philanthropist, has given back much of her time to the betterment of young people, working with, and contributing to, the music departments of several primary schools across Jamaica.

She is a resident judge for Jamaica’s number one talent search show “Rising Stars” where she enjoys considerable popularity as the live wire of the show.

Alaine is the perfect combination of beauty and talent. Her authenticity shines through and her versatility is boundless. Her sweet voice coupled with her impressive song writing skills and electric personality, perfectly combine to create and unforgettable sound that is all her own.

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 Buxna Agency trying to move forward, to work with talented people that no big comanies want to support. BA main mission still will be booking of Reggae artists and some other genres of music. BA concentrate to East European market, hardest market in Europe. Last few years we was doing market research and see great potential in Russia, Bielarussia, all Balkans....There is lot of open minded people who still dotn know that Reggae music is only Bob Marley and thats it. No artist want to go there. This people didnt saw good reggae show. When i was playing some modern, younger artist people there was, like... woow, great music, what is this? I told them, this is Reggae music. Answer was face that i didnt saw for long time, last time i saw face like this when Red Star Belgrade win Olimpic Marseille in finalle of Champions league, face that say: Noooo, dont joke with me, tell me really what is this. This is not reggae for sure. And on my play list was Dub Inc and after Anthony B. After this conference BA get mission, even that none ask for some. We come back from conference in St. Petersburg around April 25th and from May 1st we are working on huge educational project for 2018. Mission is to show to this people good Reggae festival. Idea is that around 4 artists different kind of reggae go on tour. One roots artist ( for example M. Rose ), one younger, energetic artist ( for example Anthony B ), we call this world reggae ( Dub Inc ) and maybe one dancehall artist.
Now is coming part what new will BA do in future. BA become partner with Geek Picnic festival. http://geek-picnic.me/about Group of entusiastic Russians decide to make this festival with same mission as BA have with reggae, only they say: lets promote new technoligy and to show to people that wotn have chance to see in their life, not even dream to buy it and have it. They do great job last 3 years. They travel all around world and they have big succes in lasst 3 years. Check more on their site. As we have same mission we join forces. So BA will from now also book Geek Picnic all around world. 
Then last, new thing that BA will do. Last few years we are interested in hologram. Now, finally product is finlised and BA will offer this product to open minded people and to people who have ambition, like new and original things. I would love that Reggae artist release next albums with this hologram app. Their fans will have option to have hologram of their favorite artist at home and non stop with him. For artists this product should be interesting coz it can be used to release new album. Who want to buy new album of some artist they will need to download some app, order cover/cardboard, ( all oniline ), pay it online and then they can download new album of theri favourite artist at their mobile phone, then put phone in this cover that they will get and when they press play..... miracle :), Favorite artist is in front of them and ..... Now, this is up to artist what he will record. he can record greetings, or even one song, part of live show.... imagination is limit.
So BA is still into reggae and after longer pause we will work on some other projects that we think, that are worthy our time and that we can finally make something new, original, put Reggae to main stream, where it should be and....We are open for any good suggestion, any good business plan that can work ( but that is into art, originality, future, open mind...)
 As we use to say: We dotn talk, we do.  I hope now finally we wil do like this for real.