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On tour in East/Central Europe and Scandinavia from Nov. 30th till Dec. 5th. Tour period for Spring 2017. will be announced soon. 

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 On tour: October-November 2016.

You can see Gyptian tour dates on link below:

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On tour: November



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On tour in Europe at 2nd half of January till middle of February. Lutan Fyah is coming this time with reason, he releise new album soon and on this shows people will have opportunity to hear some of new songs for the first time. It will be world premiere of new album. Lutan Fyah decide to do band tour and to show to audience how good live he can be. He promise some surprises on concerts.


If you are interested to book his show, send us request on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Neva stop

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Buxna agency sl special offers
Buxna Agency SL have special offers for artsits that are interested in long term cooperation. We have prepared busienss plans for developing artist name on European market. We want to put reggae/world music on place where it belong, not to be underground where it is now. We are ready to go into joint venture with artist that look at bigger picture, not only to take money now and dotn think what will be tomorrow. Contact us if you want to build name in Europe and you are not afraid to risk with us.  As we use to say: We dotn talk, we do. 

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Email: info@buxnaagency.com
Spain +34 603 335 287
Slovenia +386 70 500 688
Skype: borjan2003
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